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The Babes studio worked with pin up model Veronica Mae Wyles to get photos to be used in her blog and review for Helen Of Troy Bras. The review can be read here :




This shoot just happened to come along right after our last blog about Valentines Day and lingerie. If that isn’t serendipity then I don’t know what is.

Working with Veronica and her great lingerie made me realize just how important it is to go and get measured for a bra. Like most of us out there I usually just go into the Department Store or go to one of the big name lingerie boutiques, buy a few bras that I think are my size, lay down a lot of cash and leave with my purchase.  I am sure that the bras I am buying are not really my right size but who has the time to try on all different size bras? How do I know if I am buying the right size? For me I do the lean over and shake and then the jump up and down method, not really scientific.  When it comes to buying shoes, I know my size and I know if they fit right, but with bras i play the guessing game. I can’t tell you how many bras I have bought over the years that sit in my dresser because they don’t really fit, are uncomfortable, or just don’t give me the support that I need. 

The problem with us women getting properly sized for a bra is two pronged. One – who has the time to go to a speciality store and get measured? and Two – who wants to learn that we have been wearing the wrong size bra for years, even decades. Then comes the real problem, what do we do with all those bras we have bought and been wearing, or should I say collecting? I mean we have invested a lot of cash in those bras and matching undies!! And here’s the other scary part, what if we are much bigger breasted than we though or worse even, what if we are smaller? Now we have to reconcile our body image all over again.

If you go and read Veronica’s review you can also go to Helen of Troys “Bra Library” where they have a really great “Bra Fit Guide” with pictures showing properly fitted bras in comparison to those that do not fit. Most of my bras seem to fall in the latter category so I think it is time for me to go get fitted, and spend my hard earned money on great bras that look good and more importantly fit they way they should.

So thanks to Veronica Mae Wyles (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Veronica-Mae-Wyles/330844483726617) and Helen of Troy Bras for giving the Babes a great day in the studio and showing us how a properly fitted bra can change your world.